Accessing The Old Sound Settings Menu In Windows 10

If you've updated to the newest version of Windows 10 (as of April 2018), you might have noticed your sound settings have changed from that lovely little control panel to a minimalist setup that looks something like this:


While it may look nice, it seems to be missing a lot of the useful features and functions of the old settings dialogue - especially for people like streamers and recording artists. Fear not! The old settings still exist, and I'm going to show you how to make a nice new shortcut to access them with this step-by-step guide.

1. Create the shortcut.

Start by right clicking on your desktop and creating a new shortcut.

In the dialogue box that appears, paste "C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe" /c control mmsys.cpl sounds - this opens a Command Prompt, tells it to close when we're finished, then tells it to open the Control Panel dialogue box "sounds".

Then hit "Next", give it a name and click Finish.

2. Customize the shortcut

Go ahead and right click the new shortcut on your desktop, then click "Properties".

Next click "Change Icon..." down near the bottom.

In the icon browser that pops up, enter C:\Windows\System32\DDORes.dll to access a nice library of Windows 10 styled hardware icons - then click the one you like and hit "OK"

Hit Apply on the Properties dialogue to save your change.

3. Move the shortcut for accessibility

Now you can just right click on the shortcut and click Pin to Taskbar or Pin to Start to have it at the ready.



Now you have access to the old windows sound settings - at least until Microsoft decides to remove that too.